24 Hour a Day Natural Resources Emergency or Assistance 800-628-9944 or 410-260-8888​

To report a fishing or wildlife violation contact Maryland Wildlife Crime Stoppers

2 young children wearing life jackets

Life Jackets for Kids

All children under the age of 13 must WEAR a United States Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device while underway on a recreational vessel under 21 feet in length on Maryland waters.


An Historical Perspective

A relic of the Oyster Police of the 1800s, the cannon was used to protect the Chesapeake Bay’s bounty during the “oyster wars” of the 19th century. We descend from both the State Oyster Police and the Office of the State Game Warden.

NRP Officer on patrol on the South River

"If you See Something Say Something"

We are the lead law enforcement agency for maritime incidents on Maryland waterways that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the United States Coast Guard.


The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) is the enforcement arm of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), with statewide police authority in all cases.

The mission of the men and women of our police force is to protect Maryland's residents and visitors on public lands and waterways. It also is charged with protecting fish and wildlife and leading search and rescue efforts. In addition, Natural Resources Police is the state's lead maritime homeland security agency.

With an authorized strength of 278 officers and a dedicated staff of civilian and volunteers, the Natural Resources Police carries out its mission by remaining faithful to its core values of courtesy, integrity, dedication and professionalism.