2018-2019 Archery Hunter Survey

Dear Archery Hunter,

Archery season starts September 7th!

If you would, please consider helping the Department of Natural Resources with our annual archery hunter survey. We have been collecting archery hunter observation data for over a decade and are tracking population trends for our more popular wildlife species. Continued participation by archers (using vertical bows or crossbows) is critical to the success of this survey. The observations that archery hunters across the state record while pursuing their favorite pastime can be used as a powerful tool to effectively monitor Maryland’s wildlife populations.

There is no substitute for the vast amount of data that is provided every year. Archery hunters annually report approximately 15,000 wildlife observations, including many deer. The survey is even more valuable for species like furbearers that are much harder to observe and determine population trends. Therefore, we ask that you continue to participate in this important survey by taking the time to document information about your archery hunts. This information will contribute greatly to the conservation and management of wildlife in Maryland.

It is important that all information be filled out for each hunt. Please ensure that the date and time of each hunt is recorded; without this information we cannot analyze any additional data about that hunt. We ask that you complete the survey in accordance with the instructions found below. Please include your DNRid number at the bottom of the form. If additional forms are needed, feel free to photocopy this form or download it using the link below.

 Instructions & Survey Form

A report summarizing the results of the 2018-2019 survey will be produced and sent to all individuals responding to this request. View the results from the previous year's surveyby clicking on the link below.

Maryland’s Archery Hunter Survey Final Report: 2017-2018

Thank you for your valuable efforts on behalf of Maryland’s wildlife resources!

Harry A. Spiker
Game Mammal Section Leader
Wildlife & Heritage Service

For more information, please contact:

Brent Evans, Game Database Manager
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife and Heritage Service
Bel Air Regional Office
2 Bond Street
Bel Air MD  21014
(443) 786-3656
E-Mail: brent.evans@maryland.gov