Black Bear Management

Currently, Maryland has a breeding population of black bears in the 4 westernmost counties (Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Frederick), with the highest bear densities found in Garrett and western Allegany counties. Although evidence of a breeding population is confined to the western 4 counties, the department receives several bear sightings and complaints in central and southern Maryland counties each year.

To Report Bear-related Emergencies Call 1-410-260-8888

Black Bear Damage Reimbursement Fund

Living with Black Bears
Do you live in or are you planning on vacationing in western MD?  Learn what you can do to help keep Maryland’s Bears wild.

Black Bear Education Trunk


MD Black Bear Conservation Stamp Winning Entry for 209-2010 - "Explorer" by Larry Rebecca Hastings
Winning entry for 2019-2020

"Explorer" by Larry Rebecca Hastings

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