Maryland Wood Duck Initiative

​MWDI’s Annual Lumber Cut Day Successfully Completed!

February 4, 2017

Perhaps it was the expectation of an early fried chicken lunch that propelled the DNR and volunteer work crew to new efficiencies this year. Regardless, the Millington WMA office in Kent Co. once again hosted an enthusiastic crew consisting of DNR’s Ryan Haley, Robbie Burrows, Josh Homyack, Rick Walls, Rachel McCloskey and Anthony Radmer along with MWDI volunteers Cliff Brown, JJ Fegan, Scott Jaison and John Notarangelo.
More than 70 box kits were created for MWDI’s various youth events, made possible by the most appreciated fiscal support of the Safari’s Club Chesapeake Chapter. Patuxent State Park and Dupont’s Chesapeake Farms. In addition, Bryon Bodt will be constructing 7 houses for his project use in Harford Co. Once these supplies are utilized, MWDI will have either replaced or installed more than 1,400 boxes on public lands.
36 box kits were cut for private programs including 12 kits Ed Kavanagh purchased for an Eagle Scout project and 9 kits Bob Spiering obtained for a USF&W wetland project in Caroline Co.  Aaron Ward is assembling another 56 boxes on behalf of certain private land programs. This brings the total boxes obtained via MWDI and installed on private lands to more than 1,600 since 2005.

Thank you to DNR’s Wildlife & Heritage Service for their continued active support and participation in MWDI’s efforts. Thank you to our financial providers and a special thanks to our veteran and new volunteers!  The impact of your collective efforts is meaningful and measurable.
Photo Collage Feb 2, 2017 Lumber Cut Day