Junior Hunter Field Days

FREE and open to young people, ages 8 to 16.  Under the guidance of wildlife professionals, Junior Hunter Field Days provide safe, enjoyable, and hands-on opportunities for young people to learn about hunting, trapping and its important role in Maryland’s wildlife conservation. All equipment is provided. A free lunch is also offered to attendees (youth & parents), so preregistration is required.

Photo of Teal (AKA Morgans Choptank Cinnamon Teal JH) with the kids at Lower Shore Junior Hunter Field Day.

To see our photo album of past Junior Hunter Field Day Events click here.

Registration Required

Junior Hunter Field Days​

Date & Registration Information

​​​​There are no events scheduled at this time.​

For more information, contact:

Nancy Doran
E-mail: Nancy.Doran@maryland.gov
Wildlife and Heritage Service
12512 Pleasant Valley Rd
Flintstone MD 21530