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Maryland Biological Stream Survey

Registry of Certifications

The people below completed MBSS spring training (2018 - 2020) and are certified in benthic macroinvertebrate taxonomy by the Society of Freshwater Science.

Applicants Certified by the Society for Freshwater Science

PatrickBarrettpbarrett@ecoanalysts.comEcoAnalysts, Inc.EPT East Images (2016), EPT West Images (2016)
BriannaBeauchampbbeauchmap@wetlands.comWetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.Family Level (2017)
PatBradypatricia.brady@maryland.govMDEEPT East Images (2017)
JeffreyCarterjeffrey.carter@maryland.govMDEEPT East Images (2015), Chiro. East (2019), NA Chiro Images (2019)
NealDziepak neal.dziepak@maryland.govMD DNREPT East Images (2016), NA Chiro Images (2017)
LillyEdmondlillye@cri.bizCoastal Resources, Inc.Gen. Arthropods East (2019)
EllenFriedman  ellen.friedman@maryland.govMD DNRGenus Level North American Chironomidae (2017) EPT East (2016
SamanthaHockenberryshockenberry@gfnet.comGannett Fleming, Inc.Family Level (2017)
DaveJordahlDave.Jordahl@montgomerycountymd.govMontgomery County Depart. of Environmental ProtectionFamily Level (2015), EPT East Images (2015)
ChrisLuckettchris.luckett@maryland.govMDEEPT East Images (2015)
StephenMalanmalan331@yahoo.comTrout Unlimited Family Level (2017)
AudreyMcTaggartamctaggart@wetlandstudies.comWetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.Family Level (2017), EPT East Images (2018)
AndrewNevinanevin@skellyloy.comSkelly And Loy IncEPT East Images (2017)
GregPondpond.greg@epa.govUS EPA Region 3EPT East Images (2019)
DaveSigristdavid.sigrist@montgomeryparks.orgM-NCPPC, Montgomery ParksEPT East Images (2018)
SeanSippleseans@cri.bizCoastal Resources, IncGen. Arthropods East (2015), EPT East Images (2017), NA Chiro Images (2019)
Daniel Weicheldaniel.weichel@maryland.govMD DNRFamily Level (2017), EPT East Images (2018)
SarahWitcherswitcher@baltimorecountymd.govBaltimore County DEPSEPT East Images (2019)