Definition of Terms

There is a lot of technical terms on the Rivers and Streams website. This page is designed to help navigate and define these words and phrases. Use the line below to skip to a certain letter.
Pebble count:
Method of measuring the composition of streambed material by manual collection while wading in a stream.
Microflora and fauna attached to the bottom or other submerged objects.
Measure of the rate at which water can penetrate and pass through a medium such as soil.
Perennial stream:
A stream that flows continuously throughout the year.
Physiographic province:
A region of which all parts are similar in geological structure and climate, while differing from adjacent regions.
Presence of matter or energy, usually of human origin, whose nature, location, or quantity produces an undesired environmental effect.
Small depression with standing water or an areas of slow water in a stream.
Life cycle strategy of a fish that includes migrations, spawning, and feeding entirely in freshwater. Compare with anadromous, catadromous, and diadromous.