Deep Creek Lake State Park

Volunteer Opportunities

Message from the Park Manager

Thank you for considering volunteer service at Deep Creek Lake Recreation Area. We have three unique public land projects; each with its own opportunities for service - Deep Creek Lake State Park, Deep Creek Lake Natural Resource Management Area (the lake) and the Youghiogheny Scenic and Wild River Corridor. Volunteers support and fund raise for interpretive programming, conduct several annual special events which add immensely to the visitor experiences offered by the park, or volunteer to open the fire tower on top of Meadow Mountain for visitors to learn about the challenges of being a forest fire lookout in the last century.

They may assist with collecting data for water quality surveys in the lake or operate the community store in the Youghiogheny River Corridor. The Western Garrett County State Parks Volunteers, Inc. (WGCSPVI) is an active support group of caring volunteers. Your time and service do make a difference to the Maryland Park Service and to these very special public areas. I hope you are willing to join our group and work side by side with us soon.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Western Garrett County State Parks Volunteers, Inc. (WGCSPVI) is the official vounteer organization. It is a non-profit group encompassing Deep Creek Lake State Park and others. The purpose of the organization is to assist park staff in operation of programs, work the desk when necessary, conduct special events, assist in trail maintenance, lead or assist with interpretive hikes, conduct fundraising for special projects, handle gardening tasks and MUCH more.

As you read the above, you may think to yourself that you have no interest in some of the activities. That is what is unique about Volunteering – you get to say what you’d like to do or become involved with. There may be projects not even mentioned that you would enjoy. Consider becoming a Volunteer and get involved. We welcome new members and need you! Volunteers are actually our Park Ambassadors. Why not become involved in something you believe in. Get in touch to learn about other perks available to our valued Volunteers.


You may know of some of their events/programs, such as: Art in the Park, Open House in December, Natural Egg Dyeing, Ramp Cook-off, Butterfly Tagging at Deep Creek Lake State Park; Fishing Rodeo, Apple Butter Boil, Maple Syrup Demonstration at Herrington Manor State Park/Swallow Falls State Parks, Open House at Friends Store. Remember, these are all volunteer-sponsored events.

Special Projects

Thayerville Fire Tower - WGCSPVI worked hard to obtain grants, along with Maryland Forest Service, to restore the historic Thayerville Fire Tower in Deep Creek Lake State Park, installed in 1921. As a result of the restoration, volunteers learn about the history of firetowers and conduct guided, interpretive tours on specified days during nice weather.  Have you climbed the 109 steps to the top of the Fire tower? Can’t you just imagine the spectacular view? Visit the website: