Gunpowder Falls State Park

Volunteer Opportunities

Gunpowder Falls State Park's 2017 volunteersWith over 18,000 acres and 120 miles of trails, Gunpowder can certainly use your volunteer assistance. If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please contact number Gunpowder Falls State Park Headquarters at 410-592-2897.

Individuals and groups (schools, clubs, etc.) are encouraged to participate.


Dundee Creek Marina is part of Gunpowder Falls State Park, adjacent to the Hammerman area. We welcome volunteers who are interested in working with the USCG Auxiliary to provide Vessel Safety Checks and offer boating safety tips. For more information, contact Park Headquarters at 410-592-2897.


Help make a visible difference in the Park! We always have cleanup opportunities. Park staff will lead guided clean-ups and provide gloves, pickers and bags. For more information, contact Park Headquarters at 410-592-2897.


Gunpowder Falls State Park has several volunteers groups whose primary interest is maintaining the gardens throughout the Park. If this is something you would like to do, contact Ranger Jen Cashell at

Graham Equestrian Center

Interested in horses and volunteering? The GEC is a non profit group who promotes equine educational opportunities. Email or call 410-663-4445 for details. You may also check out their website:

Living History and Historic Building Preservation

The Friends of Jerusalem Mill (FOJM) is an organized group of volunteers dedicated to restoring, preserving and interpreting the 18th and 19th century Jerusalem Mill Village. FOJM always welcomes new members and volunteers. If you are interested in Living History programs or renovating historic structures, this may be a group for you. For more information contact the FOJM at 410-877-3560 or visit


Do you like to work outside and get your hands dirty? If you are a handyman or woman, volunteer maintenance may be the right fit for you. For more information, Contact Park Headquarters at 410-592-2897.

Naturalist and Special Programs

We are always looking for qualified people who may be interested in assisting with special programs such as campfires, nature hikes or even arts and crafts. We offer a variety of programs for all seasons. For the safety of our young visitors, all volunteer naturalist candidates are carefully screened and require background checks. Contact Ranger Andrea Townsley-Sapp at

Trail Work

With over 120 miles of trails, trail work is a year-round endeavor. We offer training and guidance for all of our trail volunteers in the principles of sustainable trail design. Due to the sensitive nature of trail work, it is important to work closely with park staff. Please contact Ranger Jen Cashell at if trail work interests you.

Volunteer Ranger

Become a Volunteer Ranger and help protect Maryland’s natural resources! The Volunteer Ranger Program is for people ages 18 and older who want to assist the Department’s regular work force in state parks with operations, programs and public service. Volunteers are trained and provided with uniforms for their jobs once they have completed 40 hours of volunteer service at a state park. A one-day orientation training helps rangers become acclimated to the Maryland Park Service. Additional training opportunities may include CPR and basic first aid, search and rescue and trail stewardship, are offered on a regional basis. As ambassadors of the state parks, Volunteer Rangers serve a vital role to the public. Thousands of visitors to Maryland’s state parks look to Volunteer Rangers for guidance and help.

All Volunteers Must:

  • Have interest and enthusiasm for the outdoors and for maintaining the park for the public
  • Display a pleasant attitude and interact well with others
  • Be able to follow instruction and use safety precautions.

For more information, contact Park Headquarters at 410-592-2897.

Volunteer Mounted Patrol

The Volunteer Mounted Patrol (VMP) are Volunteer Rangers who perform their duties on horseback. The job responsibilities and training opportunities are similar to Volunteer Rangers, however, VMP members must have their own horses and access to transportation (Gunpowder does not lease horses). Horses must pass a horse assessment, which consists of various obstacles that may be encountered on trails. For more information, contact Ranger Andrea Townsley-Sapp at

Organized Volunteer Groups

Gunpowder also has many organized volunteer groups, located in various areas of the park. These include:

Friends of Jerusalem Mill / 410-877-3560

Gunpowder United Mountain Bike Operations (GUMBO)

NCR/Hereford Volunteer Association

North Point State Park Volunteers / 410-477-0757

Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation

Once again, if you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Gunpowder Falls Headquarters at 410-592-2897 or the contact information listed with each opportunity.​​​​

​​​Register to become a volunteer by logging into the Maryland State Parks Volunteer Portal at​​​​