Nature Play Spaces

Examples of Plants

Plants, Johns Hopkins Homewood Early Learning Center 

Raised garden beds, Johns Hopkins Homewood Early Learning Center


Plants, Johns Hopkins Homewood Learning Center


Plants, Constitution Gardens Park

Plants at Cromwell Valley Park 

Vertical planter, Cromwell Valley Park

 Children walking in garden at The Key School

Children walking in garden, The Key School

 Planter in Patapsco Valley State Park

Planters, Patapsco Valley State Park


Flower Garden Path, Brown Memorial Weekday School


Plants, Constitution Gardens Park

Child hiding in the garden at The Key School 

Child hiding in the flower garden, The Key School


Plants, Annapolis Play and Learn

native habitat

Native habitat.

Calverton School, Calvert County




boy watching a butterfly

Insects feeding on plants can be fascinating.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Haggerty, USFWS



a pathway lined by plants

Plants can be used to create inviting pathways.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York



a butterfly garden

Butterfly gardens attract pollinators.

Assateague State Park, Worcester County


outdoor sunflower room

Sunflower room.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York




a community garden

Community gardens provide nature play spaces for children.

Patterson Park People's Garden, Baltimore City