Frequently Asked Questions - Park Quest 2018

How Do I Register?

Ranger assist a Park Quest teamPark Quest registration for 2018 will be conducted via the Department of Natural Resources' Online Store, starting May 1, 2018. Registration will be available on a first come, first served basis. Teams must agree to the Liability Waiver on-line prior to completing registration.

Registration for 2018 opens on May 1st. Registration is open until filled. There is a 1,000 team limit for Park Quest.

If you miss the registration you may still participate in Park Quest activities without the Park Quest passport. However, you will have to pay the daily entrance fee where required and will not be eligible for Park Quest prizes. It is recommended that frequent visitors to Maryland State Parks purchase an Annual Passport, which provides unlimited day-use access to all state parks through December 31st.

Questions may be directed to:
Melissa Boyle Acuti
Maryland Park Service
E-mail: (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a $10 registration fee per team to participate in Park Quest 2018. The Maryland Park Service wants families to come explore our extraordinary parks across the state. The registration fee does not include camping.

How Much Does It Cost to Enter the Parks?

With the Park Quest Passport, day-use service charges are waived for ONLY the day that teams are at a park to complete the Quest. Please remember to bring your Park Quest Passport with you to gain entry into the participating parks. Return visits to any state park may be subject to all applicable service charges.

If you do not have a Park Quest Passport, you will be required to pay the daily entrance fees. It is recommended that frequent visitors to Maryland State Parks purchase an Annual Passport, which provides unlimited day-use access to all state parks through December 31st.

Can We Camp For Free?

Participants who are camping will need to pay for their overnight accommodations when staying in the campgrounds or cabins. State Park camping reservations can be made through this website.

Who Can Be On A Team?

Park Quest is designed to get the whole family outdoors to explore and enjoy Maryland State Parks. As such, a team consists of at least one adult and one minor 16 years old or younger. There is a limit of 10 persons per team. As much as possible, we encourage the entire family to participate in all Park Quest activities.

What Will We Have To Do And When?

Park Quest 2018 officially begins on June 1st and ends on December 1st. The goal of your team is to visit as many of the 22 designated Park Quest locations and finish the assigned activities. Upon successful completion of a Quest, you will get your Passport endorsed. Information on the times you can complete Quests will be available on the Park Quest website.

Do The Quests Need To Be Completed In Order Or On Particular Days Of The Week?

The Park Quest adventures do not need to be completed in any particular order and teams can complete more than one in a day, if they choose to do so. Any time and day restrictions will be noted on the Park Quest website and the Park Quest worksheet pages. Teams that complete a minimum number of Quests will be eligible for Park Quest prizes!

What Is The Difference Between a Basic Quest and Bonus Quest?

  • Basic Quest –The Basic Quest is an activity in a Maryland State Park that requires teams to complete a challenge. These challenges range from activity sheets and puzzles, to hikes and scavenger hunts! Park Quest activities are designed to take the average family approximately 2 hours to complete. We encourage teams to plan to visit Park Quest sites at off peak times, whenever possible, so that you are able to better enjoy the Park Quest experience!
  • Bonus Quest – The Bonus Quest is an additional activity associated with Park Quest 2018. Bonus Quests offers teams the opportunity to expand their Quest activity beyond the basic offering. It is not required that you complete the Bonus Quests. These extra Park Quest activities are more strenuous, and will require additional time and skills, experience or special equipment to be able to successfully complete. Bonus Quests are best suited for older children or teens that are looking for more adventurous Quest activities. Teams are challenged to complete as many of the 2018 Bonus Quests as they can!

Please note that some Quests have both Basic and Bonus Quest options.

At the end of Park Quest, teams that have completed a minimum number of Quests will be entered into a drawing for special Park Quest prizes.

How Do We Prove That We've Completed A Quest?

Each team will be issued a Park Quest Passport which will be used by park staff to confirm your team’s participation. When teams go to a State Park to complete a Quest, they should follow the instructions posted on the Park Quest website. Once they complete the challenge, they will get their Passport endorsed. At the end of Park Quest, teams that have completed a minimum number of Quests will be entered into a drawing for special Park Quest prizes.

I/My Child Has Disabilities - Can We Participate?

Yes, Park Quests are physically challenging but persons with disabilities can be accommodated on most Quests with advance notice. Contact the State Park directly at least one week prior to the day you want to complete your Quest and request assistance.

Is It Possible To Get Injured On The Park Quest?

Yes, as with any adventure there is a small possibility that a participant could be injured. Park staff members will give instructions to minimize the potential for injuries. It is important to be aware of the hazards of participating in outdoor activities and take the proper safeguards to ensure that you and your teammates have a safe enjoyable Park Quest adventure. Here are some tips to remember when recreating outdoors.

  1. Wear proper clothing for the weather conditions. Dress in layers and wear sturdy shoes.
  2. Wear sunblock and hat to protect you from sunburn.
  3. Wear light-colored clothing and insect repellent when recreating outdoors in the summer.
  4. Conduct a tick check after participating in an outdoor activity.
  5. Always be aware of the weather and check the forecast before starting an outdoor activity. You may not be permitted to start a Quest if weather conditions are considered hazardous by park staff.
  6. Always wear a lifejacket when participating in activities on the water. Lifejackets are required for anyone under the age of 13.
  7. Stay on the trail - off-trail activities can be hazardous to your health and the health of the environment.
  8. Stay hydrated. Make sure you bring water and drink regularly as you participate in your Park Quest Activity.
  9. Know your limits! For example, before taking a long hike make sure your team tries several short hikes to test their endurance.

Will Our Identity (name, address, etc.) Be Posted On The Internet?

Addresses and phone numbers will not be released.

What State Parks Are Quest Sites For 2018?

Quests are available daily, unless otherwise indicated.

Elk Neck (Bonus Quest)
Fair Hill
Fort Frederick (Basic & Bonus Quest)
Gambrill (Basic & Bonus)
Gunpowder - Hart Miller Island (Bonus Quest)
Gunpowder - Jerusalem Mill (Basic & Bonus Quest)
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad
Herrington Manor
Janes Island (Basic & Bonus)
Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary (Basic & Bonus)
New Germany
Patapsco - Avalon
Patapsco - Hollofield
Patapsco - McKeldin (Bonus Quest)
Pocomoke River
Rocky Gap (Basic & Bonus)
Sandy Point
Sang Run
Seneca Creek
St. Mary’s River (Basic & Bonus)
Washington Monument