Fisheries Staff Directory

Administration Division ManagerSara Dawes410-260-8456
Aquaculture - PermitsSteve Schneider410-260-8329
Aquaculture - ShellfishKarl Roscher410-260-8313
Aquaculture Division ManagerKarl Roscher410-260-8313
Artificial Reefs (MARI)Michael Malpezzi410-260-8290
Atlantic Ocean/Coastal Bay RegulationsAngel Willey410-456-0311
BiostatisticsAlexei Sharov410-260-8288
Black Sea Bass PermitsChris Jones410-260-8293
Catch & Release ResearchKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Charter Boat InformationConnie Lewis410-260-8296
Circle HooksKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Clams/ClammingMitch Tarnowski410-260-8258
Commercial Fishing - Pound Net SitesChris Jones410-260-8293
Commercial Fishing - Reports ( Brown410-260-8298
Commercial Fishing - Rockfish Permit IssuesChris Jones410-260-8293
Commercial Fishing - Rockfish Permit TransfersChris Jones410-260-8293
Commercial Fishing - Rockfish Permit Waiting ListsChris Jones410-260-8293
Commercial Fishing - Statistics/Licenses/TransfersBrad Walters410-260-8292
Commercial Fishing - TagsChris Jones410-260-8293
Commercial Fishing - Waiting ListSarah Widman410-260-8266
Communications & Public AffairsEric Wilson410-260-8307
Cooperative Oxford Laboratory Division ManagerBrian Richardson443-258-6082
Crabs (Blue) - BiologyGlenn Davis410-260-8288
Crabs (Blue) - Catch StatisticsBrad Walters410-260-8292
Crabs (Blue) - Program DirectorGenine McClair410-260-8270
Crabs (Blue) - RegulationsJacob Holtz410-260-8262
Customer ServiceKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Customer Service ( Customer Service410-260-8300
Fee Fishing Lakes - PermitsScott Romanoski410-260-8317
Field Stations - Freshwater - CedarvilleMary Groves301-888-2423
Field Stations - Freshwater - Mount NeboAlan Klotz301-334-8218
Field Stations - Freshwater - PatuxentMark Staley410-442-2080
Field Stations - Freshwater - UnicornBrett Coakley410-928-3643
Field Stations - LewistownMichael Kashiwagi301-898-9724
Field Stations - Marine - Ocean CitySteve Doctor410-213-1531
Fish - Atlantic - BillfishGary Tyler410-213-1531
Fish - Atlantic - SeabassSteve Doctor410-213-1531
Fish - Atlantic - SharksAngel Willey410-643-6801 x 2101
Fish - Atlantic - TautogCraig Weedon410-643-4601 x2113
Fish - Atlantic - TunaGary Tyler410-213-1531
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - American EelKeith Whiteford410-643-6801 x 2124
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - American ShadHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - Bass - LargemouthJoseph Love410-260-8257
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - BluefishHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - CatfishPaul Piavis410-643-6776 x 2110
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - CroakerHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - DrumHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - FlounderSteve Doctor410-231-1531
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - HerringHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - Hickory ShadHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - SeatroutHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - SpotHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - SturgeonChuck Stence410-643-6788 x 2114
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - White PerchPaul Piavis410-643-6776 x 2110
Fish - Chesapeake Bay/Tidal - Yellow PerchPaul Piavis410-643-6776 x 2110
Fish - Freshwater - Bass - LargemouthJoe Love410-260-8257
Fish - Freshwater - Bass - SmallmouthJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Fish - Freshwater - Brook TroutAlan Heft301-689-7107
Fish - Freshwater - CatfishMary Groves301-888-2423
Fish - Freshwater - MuskyJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Fish - Freshwater - Panfish (bluegill crappie)Brett Coakley410-928-3643
Fish - Freshwater - TroutAlan Klotz301-334-8218
Fish - Freshwater - WalleyeJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Fish Habitat - Impervious SurfacesJim Uphoff443-258-6087
Fish Hatcheries - Albert PowellEric Bittner301-393-5940
Fish Hatcheries - Bear CreekMark Harman301-746-8148
Fish Hatcheries - Division ManagerBrian Richardson443-258-6082
Fish Hatcheries - Jennings RandolphMarshall E. Brown301-791-4736
Fish Hatcheries - LewistownJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Fish Hatcheries - ManningDave Sien301-579-6215
Fish Hatcheries - Piney PointJames Dumhart II301-994-0241
Fish Hatcheries - Unicorn Lake Fish HatcheryRuss Parson410-928-3643
Fish Health - Freshwater Health/DiseaseBarbara Johnston443-258-6065
Fish Health - InformationCindy Driscoll410-226-5193
Fish IdentificationKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Fish Kill ReportingMDE Hotline877-224-7229
Fish Passage - Dam RemovalsJim Thompson410-260-8269
Fish RestorationChuck Stence410-643-6788 x2114
Fish Tags - Largemouth BassJoseph Love410-260-8257
Fish Tags - MuskellungeJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Fish Tags - Striped BassBeth Versak410-260-8304
Fisheries Management Plans
Fishing - Fishing Guide/PublicationsKevin Ensor410-260-8319
Fishing - Fishing ReportsKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Fishing - Fishing RodeosMichael Anderson301-393-5940 x108
Fishing - Fishing ViolationsNatural Resources Police410-260-8888
Fishing - Free Fishing DaysErik Zlokovitz410-260-8324
Fishing - Freshwater Fishing InformationTony Prochaska410-260-8287
Fishing - Recreational OutreachErik Zlokovitz410-260-8324
Fishing and Boating Services Director410-260-8281
FishMarylandErik Zlokovitz410-260-8324
Freshwater Fisheries Division ManagerTony Prochaska410-260-8287
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Horseshoe Crab PermitsChris Jones410-260-8293
Horseshoe Crabs - HabitatSteve Doctor410-213-1531
Horseshoe Crabs - Survey/InformationSteve Doctor410-213-1531
Invasive Species - Blue CatfishMary Groves301-888-2423
Invasive Species - Flathead CatfishButch Webb410-643-6776 x 2111
Invasive Species - Grass CarpAlan Heft301-689-7107
Invasive Species - SnakeheadJoe Love410-260-8257
Investigational New Animal Drugs - fish culture therapeuatantsChuck Stence410-643-6788 x2114
Legislation (State & Federal)Sarah Widman410-260-8266
Legislative and Regulatory Review DivisionSarah Widman410-260-8266
Licenses - See Regional Service Centers
Licenses - StatisticsBrad Walters410-260-8292
Marine Mammals (Dolphins/Whales) and Sea TurtlesAmanda Weschler410-226-5193
Maryland Grow Oysters ProgramEric Campbell410-260-8261
Migratory Chesapeake Bay FishHarry Rickabaugh410-643-6785 x 2109
Monitoring and Assessment Division DirectorMike Luisi410-260-8341
My First Fish ProgramKeith Lockwood443-258-6077
Oyster Hatchery- Deal Island FacilityMitch Tarnowski410-260-8258
Oysters - AquacultureKarl Roscher410-260-8313
Oysters - Bar ChartsEric Campbell410-260-8261
Oysters - DiseaseChristopher Dungan410-258-6064
Oysters - Harvest/IndustryFrank Marenghi410-260-8302
Oysters - HatcheriesBrian Richardson443-258-6082
Oysters - LeaseRebecca Thur410-260-8252
Oysters - RestorationJodi Baxter410-260-8254
Poaching - Natural Resources PoliceNatural Resources Police800-635-6124
PondsJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Regional Service Center - Cumberland301-777-2134
Regional Service Center - FrederickMeghan Cadden240-236-9950
Regional Service Center - SalisburyMonica O'Neill410-713-3840
Regional Service Center - SolomonsMichaela Spriggs410-535-3382
Regional Service Centers - AnnapolisChristopher Harrison410-260-3282
Regional Service Centers - Bel AirMargie MacCubbin410-836-4561
Regional Service Centers - CentrevilleMarie Myers410-819-4100
Regional Service Centers - EssexColleen Armstrong667-401-0760
Regulations - GeneralJacob Holtz410-260-8262
Regulations-GeneralJacob Holtz410-260-8266
ReservoirsJohn Mullican301-898-4736 x102
Resident Chesapeake Bay FishButch Webb410-643-6776 x 2111
ScallopsMitch Tarnowski410-260-8258
Scientific Collection PermitsSarah Widman410-260-8266
Seafood Marketing ProgramMaryland Department of Agriculture410-841-5775
Shellfish Division DirectorChris Judy410-260-8259
Shellfish MonitoringMitch Tarnowski410-260-8258
Snapping Turtles
Social Media CoordinatorEric Wilson410-260-8307
Sport Fisheries Advisory CommissionPaul Genovese410-260-8328
Stakeholder Outreach and Services Division ManagerKaren Knotts410-353-5881
State Record CoordinatorErik Zlokovitz410-260-8324
Stock Health, Data Management and Analysis Division DirectorLynn Waller Fegley410-260-8285
Stocking - PondsScott Romanoski410-260-8255
Stocking - TroutMarshall E. Brown301-791-4736
Striped Bass - BiologyHarry Hornick410-260-8305
Striped Bass - Charter Boat Waiting ListConnie Lewis410-260-8296
Striped Bass - Regulations (Recreational)Harry Hornick410-260-8305
Striped Bass - Seasons (Recreational)Harry Hornick410-260-8305
Summer Flounder PermitsChris Jones410-260-8293
Tidal Fisheries Advisory CommissionPaul Genovese410-260-8328
Tidal/Non-Tidal Dividing LinesTammy O'Connell410-260-8271
Trout (Freshwater) - Trout Stocking ScheduleLetha Grimes301-791-4736 ext 103
Violations - Natural Resources PoliceNatural Resources Police800-628-9944
Website Development & Graphic DesignKevin Ensor410-260-8319
Wildlife, Marine Mammal, Sea Turtle, Fish /Health and DiseaseCindy Driscoll410-226-5193