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​Spend more time being a waterman and less time reporting.

E-Reporting with FACTS allows charter captains in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and tributaries to submit harvest reports directly to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources electronically on the day of harvest. The FACTS mobile web application makes it possible for captains to have 24/7 access to their harvest records, provide fisheries managers real-time harvest information, and could help to manage your business. You can report on your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or through the call center.

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Program Update - May 28, 2020Due to the executive order by Governor Hogan, the E-Reporting with FACTS in-person Charter training sessions have been cancelled. The E-Reporting Team is working remotely and appreciates your patience as we continue our outreach and training efforts. Online and video training options for new Charter users are available and take less than thirty minutes to complete. Please use the E-Reporting Sign Up button to learn more about the pilot program and get started with FACTS. 

Available Training Options: 
  • Online TrainingThis tutorial takes about 30 minutes and covers everything you would hear at an in-person Charter training session.  It is a self-paced combination of brief videos and information that lets you get the most out of your FACTS account. The link to the training will be emailed to you by the E-Reporting Team.
  • Fast FACTS Video - This brief program overview is about 10 minutes long and covers just the basics for the FACTS Charter program. It is designed to help get people started with FACTS and then we'll offer in-person training at a later date when circumstances allow. The link to the supporting Training Documents is available on our website and the Fast FACTS video link will be emailed to you by the E-Reporting Team..​
  • Mentoring - Know a FACTS user? See if they can show you the basics and we'll provide the training support with the Training Documents and program videos. Please be safe and observe appropriate social distancing requirements when working with others. 

​​​​​​​​​​NOTE:  All program participants need a DNRid in order to have a FACTS account.  If you need a DNRid, please use the COMPASS Tutorial to sign-in and create an account in the COMPASS licensing system​ to have one assigned to you.
​​​​​​​​​​Why aren't recreational anglers using FACTS in Maryland? 
With the department's pilot program for the for-hire fleet successfully launched, we've heard some questions about why the recreational fishery is not able to use the system. Beyond the budget limitations of funding such a program, the Maryland licensing requirements make it more difficult to implement any census, including a real-time reporting system for such a large and changing population of recreational anglers.  View this Handout​ to learn more​


Charter Mid-Pilot Update and Program Feedback

Woman holding Spanish Mackerel

Since its launch on May 1, 2020 the FACTS Charter Pilot program has continued to grow, providing real-time harvest information from over 10,000 trips. To help assess the success of the program to date, a Mid-Pilot Feedback Survey was sent to Charter Pilot participants on September 18. This voluntary survey gave captains the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience using the system. The results of this survey were then reviewed by the E-Reporting Team. The planned virtual meeting with the core group of program volunteers was held on September 29, to discuss the results. While the overall results of the survey were positive (preferred to paper reports, good customer service and helpful business tool), requests to simplify the required hailing information were also made.

User feedback is an important part of evaluating the success of the program. All feedback received during the term of the pilot, both positive and negative, is carefully reviewed. It is then used to help improve the user experience and functionality of the FACTS system. Feedback  provided by captains has already been used to add a new gear method (bottom fishing), and to help streamline sending their End Hails in real-time. Improvements made for the Charter Pilot have also been applied to the Blue Crab and Finfish Pilots, making it even easier for all participants to save their account preferences. Updates about the progress of the program will continue to be provided over the remainder of the pilot. If you have feedback and or suggestions for the FACTS program, please contact the E-Reporting Team:  FisheriesEReporting.dnr@maryland.gov​.



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Missing harvest reports? Get a harvest report checkup and submit any missing reports prior to joining the program. You can print blank copies of all the required harvest reports online. Please contact the commercial harvest reporting group at​ FisheriesHarvestReport.dnr@maryland.gov​ or 410-260-8301 for assistance.

Have a TFL or other finfish license? If you are interested in joining the FACTS program for your Blue Crab and/or Finfish reporting, contact us today to get started. You’ll be able to report all your harvest activity online and use the program’s special flexibilities. There are several options for learning how to report electronically and we can help you find the way that works best for you.​

For more information, contact the program coordinator,
Stephanie Richards,