Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Applications

Below are the pending commercial shellfish lease applications received by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources since January 1, 2018, and determined to be complete. Incomplete applications are not listed. Designation of an application as complete does not mean that the proposed lease location meets all of the criteria for lease approval, and proposed lease locations are subject to change throughout the review process. The status of each application will be updated as it progresses through the review process. Please refer to the legend below the list for an explanation of what each status description means.​
440Green Pearl, LLCHarris CreekTalbot4.7PIM Request/Protest1/6/2018WCCagesY
441Lumpkins, Robert LanceCarthagena CreekSt. Mary's3.1Hydrographic Survey1/26/2018SLLY
442Lumpkins, Robert LanceCarthagena CreekSt. Mary's3.6Hydrographic Survey1/26/2018SLLY
443Lumpkins, Robert LanceCarthagena CreekSt. Mary's4.4Hydrographic Survey1/26/2018SLLY
444Lumpkins, Robert LanceCarthagena CreekSt. Mary's2.1Hydrographic Survey1/26/2018SLLY
445Lumpkins, Robert LanceSt. George CreekSt. Mary's5.8Hydrographic Survey1/26/2018SLLY
447Waller Jr., Harvey HanksFishing BayDorchester4.7Lease Issued2/22/2018SLLY
449Zeinog, Ryan Little Choptank RiverDorchester16.3Public Notice2/27/2018SLLY
451Davenport , TinaChesapeake BayTalbot50.2Hydrographic Survey2/28/2018SLLY
452The Tall Timbers Dev. Co., Inc.Herring CreekSt. Mary's4Hydrographic Survey3/2/2018WCCagesY
453Trossbach Jr., John LSt. Mary's RiverSt. Mary's1.7Hydrographic Survey3/12/2018SLLY
454McBee Jr., Harold AEastern BayTalbot5Hydrographic Survey3/19/2018WCCages & FloatsY
456Leonard Jr., Samuel RTred Avon RiverTalbot8.2Hydrographic Survey3/22/2018SLLY
458Lumpkins, Robert LanceWicomico RiverSt. Mary's21.8Phase II Review4/3/2018SLLY
459Lumpkins, Robert LanceWicomico RiverSt. Mary's19.9Phase II Review4/3/2018SLLY
460Lumpkins, Robert LanceWicomico RiverSt. Mary's10.2App. Complete4/3/2018SLL
462Lumpkins, Robert LanceSt. Mary's RiverSt. Mary's20.7Hydrographic Survey4/3/2018SLLY
466Williams, Brian CTred Avon RiverTalbot12Hydrographic Survey4/6/2018SLLY
467Williams, Brian CTred Avon RiverTalbot2.4Hydrographic Survey4/11/2018SLLY
468Williams, Brian CTred Avon RiverTalbot3Hydrographic Survey4/11/2018SLLY
471Robinson, Timothy MFishing BayDorchester8Phase II Review5/4/2018SLLY
472Farrington, Jon DavidPatuxent RiverCalvert5Hydrographic Survey5/10/2018WCCagesY
473Patuxent River Seafood, LLCPatuxent RiverCalvert4Phase II Review5/18/2018WCCagesY
474Kilinski, Francis WPort Tobacco RiverCharles13.8Phase II Review5/23/2018WCCagesY
475Youngk Sr., Richard DChesapeake BayAnne Arundel1.7Public Notice6/5/2018WCCages & FloatsY
476Zecher, Linda KCaulk CreekTalbot1Phase II Review6/22/2018SLLY
477Chase Jr., Henry VSt. Mary's RiverSt. Mary's1.5Hydrographic Survey6/25/2018SLLY
479Maryland Seafood Coop., Inc.Lecompte BayDorchester28Phase II Review7/17/2018SLLY
480Abbott Jr., Wylie MFishing BayDorchester40Phase II Review7/30/2018WCCagesY
481McBee Jr., Harold AShipping CreekQueen Anne's0.4Phase II Review8/2/2018WCFloating UpwellersY
482Maryland Seafood Coop., Inc.Herring BayAnne Arundel31.5Phase II Review8/10/2018SLLY
483Gabeler, William ThomasPurnell BayWorchester1.9Phase II Review9/21/2018WCCagesY
484Budden, Scott Chester RiverQueen Anne's5Phase I Review9/26/2018WCCages & FloatsY
485Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Manokin RiverSomerset40.7Phase I Review10/11/2018SLLY
486Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Little ChoptankDorchester13.6App. Complete10/18/2018SLL
487Buckler, Joshua Patuxent RiverSt. Mary's27.6Phase II Review11/20/2018SLLY
488Pfeiffer, WilliamPatuxent RiverCharles10.3Phase II Review11/28/2018SLLY
489Pfeiffer, WilliamPatuxent RiverCalvert12.7Phase II Review11/28/2018SLLY
490Southern Connection Seafood, Inc.Little Annemessex RiverSomerset1.3Application Complete12/7/2018WCCages
491Kraft Jr., Ralph Wicomico RiverSomerset50Phase II Review1/10/2019SLLY
492Zeinog, Ryan Choptank RiverDorchester3.1Phase II Review1/24/2019SLLY
493Zeinog, Ryan Choptank RiverTalbot5.6Phase II Review1/24/2019SLLY
494Williams, Brian CTrippe CreekTalbot8.5Application Complete2/5/2019SLL
495Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Manokin RiverSomerset28.9Application Complete2/13/2019SLL
496Williams, Brian CTred Avon RiverTalbot9Application Complete2/27/2019SLL
497Williams, Brian CTred Avon RiverTalbot18.4Application Complete3/4/2019SLL
498Hargrove, John NHarris CreekTalbot5.2Application Complete3/12/2019SLL
499Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Chesapeake BaySt. Mary's41.6Application Complete3/13/2019SLL
500Gowe , Bobby LHarris CreekTalbot8.3Application Complete3/18/2019SLL
502Shore Thing Shellfish, LLCSt. George CreekSt. Mary's6.2Application Complete3/22/2019WCCages & Floats
503Cretsinger , Aaron JSt. George CreekSt. Mary's19Application Complete3/22/2019SLL
508Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Patuxent RiverSt. Mary's23.5Application Complete4/11/2019SLL
509Maryland Seafood Cooperative, Inc.Patuxent RiverSt. Mary's38Application Complete4/11/2019SLL
510Rudner , Lawrence Harris CreekTalbot1.7Application Complete4/16/2019WCCages & Floats
​The "Lease" column above refers to Lease Type.
  • SLL = submerged land lease
  • WC = water column lease

Application Status Legend

  • Application Complete (App. Complete) - The department has received a Joint Application for State Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Lease and Corps of Engineers Federal Permit and determined that it included the required components and application fee necessary to proceed with review.
  • Phase I Review - The department has initiated its internal review to evaluate the proposed lease site for compliance with statutory and regulatory criteria for leasing.
  • Phase II Review - The proposed lease site is evaluated using Geographic Information System (GIS) software for proximity to and compatibility with ecological and cultural resource areas of concern, and comments on the application are compiled from other state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Hydrographic Survey - The proposed lease site is surveyed by the department's hydrographic engineer to obtain the legal coordinates and acreage that will be mapped and advertised. Temporary corner markers are placed on the proposed site at this time.
  • Public Notice - The department advertises a notice of the application in a newspaper circulated within the county in which the proposed site is located. The notice appears in the paper once a week for two consecutive weeks, followed by a 30-day public comment period. The notice is also available to view on the department's Public Notice web page.
  • PIM Request/Protest - The department received a request for a Public Information Meeting and/or a Petition of Protest during the public comment period. An application will remain in this status until a meeting request has been fulfilled, if necessary, and while the department works with all parties toward resolution of any outstanding protests. This may include adjudication of the protest through the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings.
  • Pending Issuance - The department has concluded its application review and determined, based on the results of the review and/or an administrative hearing, that a shellfish lease may be issued.
  • Lease Issued – A shellfish lease was issued by the department. 

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