Restoration Projects

Tred Avon River Restoration Project

Partners including the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District, and Oyster Recovery Partnership are teaming up on a project to restore native oysters to the Tred Avon River on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Little Choptank River Restoration Project

The Little Choptank River oyster sanctuary was established in 2010. Water quality favorable for oyster growth and reproduction, a large amount of restorable bottom, and good historical spat set led the Maryland Interagency Workgroup to choose the Little Choptank River as the second tributary for large-scale oyster restoration.

Harris Creek Restoration Project

Based on water quality, available restorable bottom, protection from harvest, and historical spat set, the Maryland Interagency Workgroup selected Harris Creek, a tributary on the north shore of the Choptank River, as its first tributary for intensive oyster restoration.

Severn River Restoration Project

The entire Severn River was designated as an oyster sanctuary area by the State in 2009. Still active, restoration of oyster reefs here is ongoing in hopes that any larvae produced might be carried downstream to more favorable settlement areas and that the oyster reef habitat can be restored to its historical footprint.

Little Choptank Tred Avon River Harris Creek Severn River
​​ Little Choptank Oyster Restoration

Implementation Update: Harris Creek, Little Choptank River, and Tred Avon River: 2013 Oyster Restoration Progress in the Choptank Complex