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​​Stream Study Equipment

There are many excellent science and environmental equipment vendors in the market today. While for some types of equipment the difference between products is slight, for others there can be substantial differences. Please always read the safety hazards and protocols for each piece of measurement equipment so you know the potential hazards BEFORE going out into the stream with students. This is particularly important in regards to the chemistry kits needed to assess certain water quality parameters.

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A fun and challenging option to consider is having students make their own stream monitoring equipment. This integrates an engineering component into the unit of study as well as allowing students to adapt the equipment according to their needs. pdf iconClick here to make your own monitoring equipment.


Seine nets

D-frame aquatic dip nets:

More streamside equipment

Macroinvertebrate identification

  • A Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates of North America. Voshell,Jr., J. Reese. McDonald & Woodward Publishing Co. Blacksburg, VA. 2002. ISBN 0-939923-87-4.
  • Flash Cards of Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America. Voshell,Jr., J. Reese. McDonald & Woodward Publishing Co. Blacksburg, VA. 2009. ISBN 0-939923-26-2.

Sieve or wash buckets

Insect Viewers

Roll-up Table

Make your own Equipment

Water Quality Test Kits

LaMotte Environmental Science Education Products www.lamotte.com

    • DO – Winkler kit
    • pH – Octa-Slide 2 Comparator
    • Phosphates – Octa-Slide 2 Comparator
    • Nitrates – Octa-Slide 2 Comparator
    • Turbidity – Turbidimetric, or Secchi Disk
    • Salinity – Direct Reading Titrator
    • Multi-parameter – Water Quality Test Kit, or GREEN Low Cost Kit

Hach www.hach.com/

    • DO – Kit
    • pH – Kit, Color Cube, or test strips
    • Phosphates – Kit or test strips
    • Nitrates – Kit, Color Cube, or test strips
    • Chloride – QuanTab® Test Strips 30-600 mg/L
    • Multi-parameter Stream Survey Test Kit

Chemetrics Water Testing Kits www.chemetrics.com

    • DO – Vacu-vials, or CHEMets Kit K-7512
    • pH – pH meter
    • Phosphates – Kit, or Kit K-8510
    • Nitrates – CHEMets Kit
    • Turbidity – Meter
    • Conductivity – TDS Meter
    • Chloride – Chloride Titrets Kit 250-2500 ppm (#K-2051)

PASCO Scientific www.pasco.com

    • Phosphates – Snap Vial
    • Nitrates – Snap Vial

Forestry Suppliers www.forestry-suppliers.com

    • DO – CHEMets kit
    • Phosphates – CHEMets kit
    • Nitrates – CHEMets kit
    • Conductivity – Conductivity/ TDS/ Salinity Meter
    • Temperature – 6” Enviro-Safe® “Easy Read” Armor Case Thermometers
    • Multi-parameter – F.I.E.L.D. Kit®, or YSI Photometer

Wards Science https://wardsci.com/

    • Salinity – Salinity Hydrometer
    • Multi-parameter – Stream Ecology Test Kit

Acorn Naturalists www.acornnaturalists.com

    • Multi-parameter – Global Rivers - Introductory Water Quality Monitoring Kit, or Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring Kit P489C0

Ben Meadows www.benmeadows.com

    • Transparency – transparency tube

Vernier www.vernier.com