Boating Regulations

​Disposition of Regulation Requests for 2019

DAYS COVE & GUNPOWDER FALLS ONLY: Remove the current 6K All Times speed restriction. Replace it with 6 Knots Sunset to Sunrise and 35 Knots Sunrise to Sunset. Local fisherman are requesting this change due to the shallow nature of these bodies of water which makes it necessary for them to be on plane to avoid underwater obstructions. DECISION: NO CHANGE TO CURRENT REGULATION

LITTLE ANNEMESSEX RIVER: In the area West of the Harbor Lights Condominiums, implement a 6 Knot All Times Speed Zone from approximately marker “11” to “11A”. Residents of the condominiums and other citizens cite excessive and dangerous vessel wakes causing damage to bulkheads and dangerous boating situations. DECISION: NO CHANGE TO CURRENT REGULATION

MIDDLE RIVER: From the entrance of Middle River at the Chesapeake Bay to Galloway Point, implement a 6 Knot All Time speed restriction for all twin screw inboard vessels 36 feet in length and larger. Citizen cites excessive wakes from larger vessels causing very dangerous situations for smaller powered and non-powered vessels. DECISION: NO CHANGE TO CURRENT REGULATION

TRED AVON RIVER, DIXON CREEK - EASTERN BRANCH: Implement a 6 Knot All Time speed zone for the length of the Western Branch. Riparian owners cite excessive speed and wakes causing shore erosion and hazardous situations for non-powered vessels. DECISION: CHANGE CURRENT REGULATION TO 6 KNOTS [(6.9 MPH)] SPEED LIMIT SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS & STATE HOLIDAYS, during the boating season [only, which is April 15 through October 15]