Pumpout Locations: Central Eastern Shore

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collapse Area : Chester River ‎(8)
Blue Heron MarinaChester River410.643.56095 - 5 daily5'Nona
Castle Harbor MarinaChester River410.643.559924-76'Yesna
Chestertown MarinaChester River410.778.0500Thur-Mon 9-510'Yesna
Kennersley Point MarinaChester River,   Island Creek410.758.23949-5 daily3'Nona
Lankford Bay MarinaChester River,             Davis Creek410.778.141424-76'Nona
Long Cove MarinaLong Cove Langford Creek410.778.67778-5 daily7'Yesna
Queenstown Harbor Community MarinaChester River Little Queenstown Creek301.343.548724-75'Nona
Rolph's Wharf MarinaChester River410.778.63898-5 daily10'Nona
collapse Area : Eastern Bay ‎(1)
Dominion MarinaEastern Bay410.604.3899Mon-Fri 9-5 5'Nona
collapse Area : Fairlee Creek ‎(1)
Mears Great Oak Landing MarinaFairlee Creek410.778.5007Sun-Thurs 8:30-5; Fri- Sat 8:30-87'Yesna
collapse Area : Honga River ‎(2)
Gootee's MarineHonga River/Wallace Creek410.397.3122Mon-Fri 7:30-5; Sat 7:30-25'Yesna
PL Jones BoatyardHonga River410.397.350724-75'Yesna
collapse Area : Kent Island Area, Kent Narrows ‎(12)
Bay Bridge MarinaChesapeake Bay410.643.31628:30-5 daily7'Nona
Clark's Landing Marine CenterEastern Bay Crab Alley410.604.43008-5 daily6'Yesna
Island View MarinaEastern Bay Crab Alley443.618.6754Mon-Fri 9-4; Sat-Sun 11-36'Nona
Kent Island Yacht ClubProspect Bay Kent Narrows410.643.41019-5 daily10'Nona
Kentmorr MarinaChesapeake Bay410.643.00299-5 daily5'Nona
L.A. Thompson & SonCrab Alley Creek410.643.560924-74.5'Nona
Lippincott MarineKent Narrows South410.827.93008-6 daily6.5'Yesna
Mears Point MarinaKent Narrows410.827.88888:30-5 daily12'Yesna
Piney Narrows Yacht HavenChester River Kent Narrows410.643.66008:30-5daily8'Nona
QAC Waterman's Boat Basin at Kent NarrowsKent Narrows410.643.353524-76'Yesna
Queen Anne MarinaPrice Creek410.643.20217:30-4 daily5'Yesna
Wells Cove MarinaKent Narrows410.827.38699-5 daily5'Nona
collapse Area : Knapps Narrows ‎(1)
Tilghman Island MarinaKnapp Narrows410.886.250010-5 daily4'Yesna
collapse Area : Miles River ‎(3)
Chesapeake Bay Maritime MuseumMiles River/St. Michaels Harbor410.745.29169-5 daily5'Nona
Miles River Yacht ClubMiles River/Long Haul Creek410.745.9511sunrise to sunset daily5'Nona
Oak Creek Public LandingMiles River443.786.37058-6 daily6'No58'
collapse Area : Rock Hall Area ‎(10)
Bayside Landing ParkRock Hall Harbor410.778.260024-75'Nona
Gratitude MarinaSwan Creek410.639.70119-5 daily6'Nona
Haven Harbour MarinaSwan Creek Haven Creek410.778.66978-5 daily6'Yesna
North Point MarinaRock Hall Harbor410.639.29079-5 daily7'Nona
Osprey Point MarinaThe Haven Swan Creek410.639.219424-76'Nona
Rock Hall Landing MarinaRock Hall Harbor410.639.22249-5 daily6'Nona
Spring Cove MarinaSwan Creek410.639.211024-76'Nona
Swan Creek MarinaSwan Creek410.639.781324-78'Nona
The Sailing EmporiumRock Hall Harbor410.778.134224-78'YesYes
Tolchester MarinaChesapeake Bay410.778.1400Mon-Fri 8-4:30; Sat-Sun 8:30-4:306'Yesna
collapse Area : Tred Avon River, Choptank River ‎(23)
Brewer Oxford Boat Yard & MarinaTred Avon River410.226.510124-79'Yesna
Cambridge Municipal Yacht BasinChoptank River410.228.40319-6 daily7-9'Nona
Cambridge Yacht ClubChoptank River410.228.2141Tues-Sat 1-9, Sun 1-87'NoNo
Campbell's Bachelor Point Yacht CompanyTred Avon410.226.55928-4:30 daily9'NoYes
Campbell's Boatyard at Jack's PointTred Avon River/Town Creek410.226.51058-4 daily7'NoYes
Campbell's Town Creek BoatyardTred Avon River/Town Creek410.226.02137:30-4:30 daily4'Nona
Chapel Cove MarinaChapel Cove/Slaughter Creek410.901.10707-5 daily4'Nona
Choptank MarinaChoptank River410.479.813724-75.5'Yesna
Easton Point MarinaTred Avon410.822.12018:30-5:00 daily2-3'Nona
Ferry Point MarinaChoptank River410.476.3304Mon-Fri 8-5; Sat-Sun 9-43.5'Yesna
Generation III MarinaChoptank River/Cambridge Creek410.228.2520Mon-Fri 7:30-410'Nona
Hinckley Yacht ServicesTred Avon/Town Creek410.226.51137:30-4 daily4' - 6'Yesna
Hyatt River Marsh MarinaChoptank River410.901.63809-5 daily7'Yesna
JM Clayton Co.Choptank River/Cambridge Creek410.228.1661Mon-Sat 8-56'Nona
Knapps Narrows MarinaKnapps Narrows410.886.27208-4 daily6'Yesna
Lowes Wharf MarinaChesapeake Bay/Ferry Cove410.745.66849-5 daily4.5'Nona
Severn Marine ServicesKnapps Narrows410.886.21598-5 daily4'Yesna
Slaughter Creek MarinaLittle Choptank/Slaughter Creek410.221.005024-76'Nona
Suicide Bridge MarinaChoptank River/Cabin Creek410.943.468924-76'No50'
Tilghman on ChesapeakeChoptank River/Dogwood Harbor410.886.23899-5 daily8'Nona
Town of SecretaryChoptank River Warwick Creek410.943.3113Mon - Fri 9 - 4 pm5'NoNA
Trappe Public Landing MarinaChoptank River/ La Trappe443.786.37058-6 daily7'Nona
Yacht Maintenance CompanyChoptank River/Cambridge Creek410.228.8878Mon-Fri 9-512'Yesna
collapse Area : Worton Creek ‎(3)
Green Point LandingWorton Creek410.778.16159-4 daily10'Nona
The Wharf at Handy's PointWorton Creek410.778.43638-5 daily9'Nona
Worton Creek MarinaWorton Creek410.778.32828-4:30 daily6'Nona