Share Your 2014 Park Quest Experience

Questies 2014 Guidelines

Little boy birdwatchingThe Maryland Park Service wants everyone to know how much fun you had during Maryland Park Quest 2014! In honor of that, we have implemented "Questies," which allows teams to share their Park Quest experiences with the world using Instagram, Vine or YouTube. To submit your videos, please share your videos to the Park Quest Facebook page with your team name and number, current quest site, and the hashtag "#Questies14."

Submissions should be no longer than 2 minutes and should incorporate the theme, creativity/originality, storytelling/emotional value, and technical excellence. Submitted videos will be shown at this year’s Rendezvous! Share your summer with Maryland State Parks with the world!

Video Rules:

  • All videos must be uploaded to Instagram, Vine or YouTube
  • Six (6) to fifteen (15) seconds videos are preferred but submissions must not exceed two (2) minutes. Videos exceeding this maximum may not be considered.
  • Submissions must be shared to the Park Quest Facebook page ( to be considered and must include all of the following:
    Your team name
    Your team number
    Your current quest site
    The hashtag #Questies14
  • All submitted videos must be publicly viewable on Instagram, Vine or YouTube. Other formats will not be considered (ex. DVD, USB drive, email, DropBox, etc.)
  • Videos must contain only original material. Submissions may not contain copyrighted music or images unless proof of authorization can be provided. Please obtain consent before filming any subjects.
  • All videos should be family friendly and should follow environmentally responsible principles, such as Leave No Trace. The Questies committee reserves the right to remove and delete any video it deems inappropriate, offensive, derogatory, or not within the spirit of the contest.
  • Teams may submit as many videos as they like but one (1) per quest site is preferred.


  • You retain the rights to any video you submit. By entering, you grant Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the parent agency of Maryland Park Quest, a royalty free, non-exclusive right to:
    Use the video on the internet in support of our mission
    Use the video in print and online publications
    Show the video in exhibits at an event
    Archive submitted videos on electronic storage (CD, DVD, USB drive, etc.) so your video can be used to support our mission and be properly credited.