Janes Island State Park Quest

The Trails of Janes Island

Introduction To Quest

The Janes Island quest incorporates the brand new, waterfront extension of the Whitetail walking trail. Teams will begin their visit at the park store to pick up a handout, visit the Julie Schweikert Nature Center and then stroll along the mile-long loop, reading interpretive signs and answering questions about the park's history and ecology. Once all of the signs have been visited and the handout is complete, a secret code for the lockbox near sign #7 will be revealed. This lockbox contains the stamp for passports. This is a self-guided quest, but staff is available during normal operating hours to assist or answer any questions. kayaking at Janes Island

Quest Information

You may begin your Quest on any day of the week between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The handout includes a fill-in-the-blank puzzle whose answers can be found on the interpretive signs along the new waterfront trail and in the Nature Center. The quest runs along a waterfront trail, so guests need to keep a close eye on children at all times. During summertime the insects can be quite intense. Bug repellant is highly recommended.

Park Information

Native Americans first settled this region approximately 13,000 years ago. At that time, sea levels were about 200 feet lower than today, and what is today the Chesapeake Bay was then the ancestral Susquehanna River Valley and its tributary rivers. As the Tangier Sound was transformed from a freshwater river to an estuary rich in shellfish, prehistoric cultures occupied the landmass that would become Janes Island. Artifacts found along the shoreline of Janes Island provide evidence of thousands of years of human activities on or near the Island, from hunting mammals to shucking oysters. In a sense, native people living on Janes Island were practicing a lifestyle very similar to the modern watermen surviving off the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay. More recently, the higher portions of the Island were used for farming, and a large fish processing factory was located on the Island’s southern point. Today there are almost no visible traces of the people who lived and worked for so many years on the Island, and it is home only to the many birds, fish, crabs, and other small animals that live and feed in its rich salt marsh.

Today Janes Island State Park includes all of Janes Island and 301 acres on the mainland. The island portion of the park is undeveloped and accessible only by boat. Janes Island is covered in wild and beautiful salt marsh interrupted by hummocks of high ground with scrub vegetation and dissected by numerous guts and channels. The far side of the island features miles of deserted beach on Tangier Sound. Over 30 miles of marked water trails traverse the island, offering ample opportunity for paddlers to explore and experience its wildlife, beauty, and complete tranquility.

The mainland portion of Janes Island State Park features a campground, camping cabins, full service cabins, and a conference center, as well as a marina, picnic areas, playground, ball field, pavilions, Nature Center, and Park Store. Visitors enjoy a variety of activities including paddling, boating, fishing, crabbing, birding or simply watching a breath-taking sunset over the island.

Janes Island State Park
26280 Alfred J. Lawson Drive
Crisfield, MD 21817
GPS N 38° 00.490’ W 075° 50.620’

Directions to Janes Island State Park

  • From points south: Follow Route 13 north to Route 667 towards Crisfield. Follow Route 667 to Route 413; turn left on 413 (south) and go to Plantation Road. Take a right onto Plantation Road and follow for about 1½ miles to Alfred J. Lawson Drive. Take a right onto Alfred J. Lawson Drive and follow road into the park. Follow signs to Park Store.
  • From points north: Follow Route 13 south to Route 413 south towards Crisfield. Follow Route 413 for about 12 miles to Plantation Road. Take a right onto Plantation Road and follow for about 1½ miles to Alfred J. Lawson Drive. Take a right onto Alfred J. Lawson Drive and follow the road into the park. Follow signs to Park Store.
  • Make a reservation to stay at the park.