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DNR Complaint Procedures


Retaliation is an (intentional) adverse action or employment action taken against a DNR employee by either fellow employee or a Supervisor, due to their participation within the equal employment opportunity process, whether Complainant, Witness, or one who assisted the Complainant in filing. Retaliation is prohibited conduct within employment discrimination Complaints, which can become a separate cause of action, incurring equal employment opportunity liability.

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Statute of Limitations

In contrast to the “statute of limitations” or the allowable period of time for filing a complaint, under the DNR-Office of Fair Practices and Office of the Statewide EEO Coordinator standard, which is 30-days, civil rights enforcement agencies such as the Maryland Human Relations Commission and the federal EEOC allow up to 180 days from “the alleged act of harm, for the employee to file a complaint. In states where there is an antidiscrimination law and an agency authorized to grant or set relief, a charge must be presented to that state or local agency first. In such jurisdictions, the EEOC allows 300 days to file from discriminatory act or 30 days from the decision by the state.

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