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We produce millions of tree and shrub seedlings each year for reforestation and other plantings across Maryland and Delaware. We’ve been in the tree business for over 100 years, with our first nursery established at College Park in the early 1900’s. We are now located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore near the town of Preston and look forward to furnishing planting stock for many years to come.


Growing seedlings requires attention to nature’s schedule. Seed is harvested during late summer and the fall. Planting occurs during the fall and spring. We harvest and ship seedlings from late February to early May. All spring and summer we are watering, fertilizing and weeding the seedlings. It’s a never ending cycle of renewal that results in healthy, vigorous seedlings being planted across the state.

Whether you want to reforest timberland or create a windbreak, improve wildlife habitat or just enjoy the feeling of planting trees, we hope we can serve you.

Richard Garrett
Nursery Manager

2014 selling season is now closed. Please check back in the fall.

All seedlings are sold out for the Spring 2014 planting season.

Our 2015 catalog will be online in the fall of this year.

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