Yellow Perch Information
  • Effective January 1, 2012, commercial yellow perch fishermen will be required to attach a paper tag issued by the Department to all containers of yellow perch caught for commercial purposes prior to landing. Fishermen are required to complete the requested information on the paper tags. Individual fish do not need to be tagged until January 20, 2012. The paper tags will satisfy the tagging requirement for yellow perch until January 20, 2012, at which time plastic locking tags will be issued for individual tagging of each commercially caught yellow perch. Yellow perch fishermen are still required to call in their daily harvest and must include the fish dealer they are selling the fish to with the harvest data.
  • Effective January 26, 2009 the new recreational yellow perch regulation states a 9 inch minimum and 10 fish creel limit statewide.

  • Reminder - Though the regulations effective in January, 2009, opened up the previously closed Magothy and Severn Rivers, there are still sections closed within each watershed. In the Magothy, from the base of Lake Waterford downstream for 3300 feet, a person cannot fish for any kind of fish in February, March and April. During February, March and April a person may not fish in the Severn or Severn Run from the Route 3 Bridge downstream for 2400 feet.

  • Maps Showing Fyke Net Restrictions - Click on River Names to view map.
    Bird & Gunpowder River Bohemia River Bush River Elk River Northeast River
    Sassafras River Patuxent River Allens Fresh Chester River Choptank River
    Marshy Hope Nanjemoy Creek Tuckahoe Creek    

Assessment and Fisheries Management Development

Current Harvest
Recreational Fisherman

Recreational Anglers, this is your chance to participate in fisheries management by submitting data from your fishing trips. Help Maryland DNR but participating in the Yellow Perch Volunteer Angler Survey - click here to find out how!

Delicious Yellow Perch Recipe

Perch 'Till It Hurts

Try this delicious Yellow Perch recipe provided by renowed chef and TV host John Sheilds

A friend of mine from Darlington, Maryland gave me this recipe. She got it from her mother who said that if it was spicy hot enough, you'd feel like the Holy Ghost had got hold of you.

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