Yellow Perch Tag Request Form

Click here to download the 2014 Yellow Perch Tag Request Form.

New for the 2014 Yellow Perch season

You are no longer required to fax a copy of your permit card when requesting additional tags

**Please allow for at least 5 business days for process and
shipment of tags when making your request. **

Latest Yellow Perch News
Yellow Perch Fishing Kicks Off the New Year | (1/29/2013)
As the days grow longer, yellow perch fishing will start to heat up in the Upper Bay, some of its tributaries and salt ponds. "Maryland hosts an excellent yellow perch fishery, which provides delicious fare for Maryland tables and fine outings for families,...

How To Participate in the 2013 Commercial Yellow Perch Fishery | (10/09/2012)
In order to be eligible to commercially harvest yellow perch in 2013, you must complete an application form and submit it between October 1, 2012 and October 31, 2012. Failure to return the form by October 31, 2012 will result in you being ineligible for the ...

Annual Yellow Perch Run Is Looking Good | (02/23/2012)
Perryville, Md. (February 23, 2012) – The recreational yellow perch fishing season for shoreline anglers is heating up thanks to the mild winter weather and an increased fish population. So far, it looks as though there will be great recreational fishing to co...

Participate In a DNR Volunteer Angler Survey | (06/28/2011)
Recreational Anglers, here is your chance to participate directly in fisheries management. Help MD DNR characterize recreational catch and harvest by submitting data from your fishing trip. MD DNR relies on data from your catch to manage the six following spe...

Maryland’s Annual Yellow Perch Run Kicked off this Past Weekend | (2/28/2011)
The recreational yellow perch fishing season for shoreline anglers kicked off all over the Maryland tidewater region this past weekend as water temperatures in the tidal tributaries of the Chesapeake began to warm.“The abundance of yellow perch creates a fanta...

Current Harvest
Recreational Fisherman

Recreational Anglers, this is your chance to participate in fisheries management by submitting data from your fishing trips. Help Maryland DNR but participating in the Yellow Perch Volunteer Angler Survey - click here to find out how!

Delicious Yellow Perch Recipe

Perch 'Till It Hurts

Try this delicious Yellow Perch recipe provided by renowed chef and TV host John Sheilds

A friend of mine from Darlington, Maryland gave me this recipe. She got it from her mother who said that if it was spicy hot enough, you'd feel like the Holy Ghost had got hold of you.

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