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The Official 2012 Fall Oyster Survey Now Available | Maryland DNR Fisheries Service News

The Official 2012 Fall Oyster Survey Now Available

8/16/2013  |   Posted by mtarnowski

Tags: Oysters, Shellfish, Recreational, Commercial  

The 2012 Fall Oyster Survey is now available. The survey was a two-month endeavor which encompassed 262 oyster bars and 316 samples throughout the bay and its tributaries. The results indicate that oyster populations continue to improve in most parts of Marylandís Chesapeake Bay, thanks to persistently high survivorship of the strong 2010 year class. The 2012 Survey along with previous editions can be found on the State of Marylandís Monitoring and Assessment Shellfish Program web site.

The fall oyster survey is conducted annually to check upon the overall health of the oyster population within the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.