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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen are reporting some good fishing at Deep Creek Lake at daybreak but after that, all bets are off due to a large amount of boat traffic that continues into the night hours. The deep grass beds are holding smallmouth bass and walleyes and floating docks usually have largemouth bass holding under them during the day. Summer is almost gone and the next two weeks are about as bad as it can get. Once the schools open up and the hardcore vacation season is over fishermen will once again have a chance to fish in relative peace.

Trout fishermen are enjoying some good fishing in many of the major trout waters. Large rainbow trout were stocked several weeks ago and there are still a surprising number of them to be found. Check the Fisheries Service stocking page for the areas stocked.

The upper Potomac River continues to provide good fishing despite summer flow rates and warmer water temperatures. Fishermen have been enjoying themselves drifting lazily down the river or wading in from the shorelines and fishing for a mix of smallmouth bass and walleyes. Ben Brockmeyer sent in this picture of a whooper sized walleye he caught recently in the upper Potomac; we canít see all of Ben but we sure can see one beautiful walleye.

Central/Southern Region:

Despite warm water temperatures fishermen are finding some good fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in the dam pool below the Conowingo Dam. Most fishermen are out in the early morning hours to beat the heat and this means that there is usually barely any water discharge from the dam; this all changes about mid-day when power generation commences and water is released till late at night. Ben Brockmeyer was at the dam pool early in the morning with his kayak when he caught this nice smallmouth bass.

Fishing in the tidal rivers and creeks of both regions has been tough this time of the year. The largemouth bass are of course in a summer pattern of behavior and warm water temperatures have them in a rather subdued state. They are looking for cooler waters; which often means shade, feeder creeks that might be running a little cooler and sometimes a flooding tide that will lower the water temperature just enough to make a difference in fish activity. Largemouth bass are often holding under thick grass that is somewhat deeper water; they can be caught by dropping soft plastic jigs down through the mat of grass but it usually means hauling up a big wad of grass with your fish.

The reservoirs of the central region continue to offer good fishing; especially in the early morning and evening hours. Casting surface lures near pads and structure in the shallows is a good bet. Working the deeper waters near sunken structure and shade is a good option as the morning wears on and the sun rises higher in the sky.

Eastern Region:

Hot summer weather makes it tough on fish and fishermen alike this time of the year. It is hard to beat floating around in some of the regions waterways or lakes during the evening or early morning hours fishing for largemouth bass or a variety of sunfish. Michael Fry was fishing recently at a Wicomico County lake when he caught this whopper of a largemouth bass.

Some of the regions smaller lakes and ponds hold citation sized bluegills such as Unicorn Lake, Tuckahoe Lake or Wye Mills; or they can be found in smaller farm ponds. Casting small surface poppers or rigging a cricket or worm under a bobber is a fun way to spend some quiet time.

Water flows in some of the regions tidal rivers upper reaches are at low levels this time of the year due to lack of rain fall and agricultural draws. The upper waters of the tidal rivers in the upper and mid-shore areas of the eastern region are usually the most affected. The tidal rivers of the low-shore such as the Nanticoke and Pocomoke are less affected and often run cooler due to good watershed forested areas.

Fishing for channel catfish remains good in the Chester, Choptank and the Nanticoke River systems this week. The channel catfish tend to be in the deeper and cooler channel areas this time of the year that are usually in the middle regions of the rivers. The mouth of the Marshyhope Creek where it flows into the Nanticoke River is a great place to fish if you have a small boat. The Chester River near Chestertown and above is a good place to fish and Martinake State Park on the Choptank below Denton also is a good place to fish and very accessible.

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