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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Deep Creek Lake will be offering a variety of fishing opportunities this week as water temperatures in the main lake move into the mid-60’s and the shallower coves become about 10-degrees warmer than that. Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are just about finished with spawning and are on the prowl for something to eat. The largemouth bass can be found shallow near or under floating docks and in the back of coves. The smallmouth bass are on rocky main lake points and outside of the floating docks. A variety of crankbaits, jerkbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits are good options for lures.

Walleyes are very active this time of the year and can be found in about 10’ of water near structure such as rocks. The cove areas and lake shorelines are good places to look for large bluegills. Trout fishing in many of the region’s rivers and streams remains good this week although some are running strong from continuing rain runoff.

Central/Southern Region:

Largemouth bass tend to be at the top of the list for most freshwater fishermen this week. The bass are on a post spawn feeding binge in most of the regions reservoirs, lakes and tidal rivers. In the regions reservoirs and lakes the largemouth bass are holding to a typical pattern of prowling shallow areas during low light conditions of early morning and late evening near grass beds, lily pads and brush. Surface lures such as frogs, poppers and buzzbaits have been favorite choices of fishermen.

Casting crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and soft plastics near deeper waters where bass are holding to structure such as sunken wood and steep edges has been a good tactic during brighter daylight times. During overcast days largemouth bass tend to do a lot more roaming in the intermediate waters between shallow and deep.

Smallmouth bass fishing is reported to be good this week in Liberty and Prettyboy Reservoirs and fishermen are finding them near main lake points and rocky areas. Bluegills are sure to entertain this week in many of the two regions lakes and ponds for light tackle fishermen.

Fishing in many of the tidal rivers has been good this week despite stained waters and high tides. The largemouth bass have been holding in the grass or just outside of it. A variety of poppers, buzzbaits and frogs have been good choices to work over the grass. Soft plastics dropped down through the grass are another good option this week. Channel catfish and carp are plentiful this week in most of the regions tidal rivers and creeks and Nestor Torres holds up a nice carp caught in Back River.

Eastern Region:

Continuing thunderstorms this week has made it a little rough for fishermen but the overcast skies have been helpful. Few things tend to send largemouth bass for the deep shade faster than bright sunlight. Most of the regions lakes and ponds are showing a little stained water but are in good shape for the most part. The upper and middle shore’s tidal rivers have been receiving some major down pours this week and the effects can be seen in high flows and stained water. Many fishermen will be looking for clearer water in feeder creeks and the upper reaches of the rivers.

The tidal rivers in the lower shore such as the Pocomoke tend to fair better with runoff due to less development so water clarity should be better there. Largemouth bass will be holding to grass and spatterdock and on the outside and deeper areas during an ebb tide.

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