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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake continue to watch ice conditions fluctuate with the passing of cold and warm fronts. The more protected coves have been icing over but only to recede with warmer weather. Fisheries biologist Alan Klotz sent in this short report from the region. The streams are very high and no ice on the lake not a lot going on. However, if we do get some decent weather during the holidays, try taking your kids out to the Grantsville Parkview Pond, Glades Park Pond in Oakland, and the Lions Park Pond in Frostburg. These ponds were stocked during the fall with some nice rainbow trout donated by the Freshwater Institute.

Fisheries biologist John Mullican also sent in a report from the upper Potomac River for us this week. Recent rains have raised the upper Potomac River significantly. The river was above a safe level over the weekend with a lot of floating debris. Additional rainfall is predicted for the rest of this week. When levels moderate, fishing is expected to be excellent. Look for eddies along the shoreline and islands and bounce hair jigs, tubes, or grubs on the bottom for smallmouth and walleye. Anglers are required to wear a PFD while on the upper Potomac from November 15 through May 15. I checked the river on my way home yesterday and it is still a bit dirty. Levels are forecasted to increase Wednesday with this next batch of precipitation.

Central/Southern Region:

Cold weather has descended upon most of Maryland and many freshwater fish are more interested in hunkering down somewhere deep within their home turf and waiting out the winter months. There are some ways to entice these fish such as largemouth bass to pick up an offering at times if you can get the bait right under their nose and tease them. Whacky rigged small plastic worms and blade baits are often a good choice for slowly working steep drop-offs or deep water peaks in lakes or reservoirs or tidal river channels.

Walleye flourish in cold water and the lower Susquehanna River is loaded with them. Fishermen who have been braving the cold have been enjoying good fishing this week for walleyes in a number of locations which usually have one thing in common; deep holes. The mouths of Octoraro Creek and Deer Creek have been good places to fish lately as have channel areas in the river. Tubes and small deep-diving crankbaits have been good choices of baits to use.

Eastern Region:

Cold water conditions have slowed most freshwater fishing within the region as most fish such as largemouth bass holding deep to channel edges in the channel edges of the tidal rivers or in the deeper areas of the regions farm ponds and lakes. Slow retrieving a small crankbait close to the bottom or a whacky rigged plastic worm worked right on the bottom is usually about the only way to entice these fish to pick up a bait this time of the year. Chain pickerel are another story though and will continue to be active in cold water. The die back of grass beds and emergent vegetation often opens up new areas to fish for anglers this time of the year.

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