The missions of the tidal bass program are:
  • To ensure population integrity and sustainability of tidal populations of black bass in Maryland;
  • To promote and protect angling opportunities of constituents;
  • To respond to public concerns of the black bass fishery in tidal freshwater rivers of Maryland with well-researched answers and awareness programs or materials.
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The Tidal Bass Survey team began systematically collecting data on the distribution of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in the 1980's. These early surveys were conducted in the Potomac River. In 1999, the survey methods were standardized among rivers. The rivers with the longest data sets include the Potomac River and the Choptank River. The survey now includes the Patuxent River, the Upper Bay region, the Chester River, the Nanticoke River, and the Wicomico River.

Key Leaders in the MDNR Tidal Bass Survey team:

  • Don Cosden, Assistant Fisheries Director
  • Charles Gougeon, Manager of Regional Operations
  • Joseph Love, Tidal Bass Manager
  • Mary Groves, Southern Regional Manager
  • Mark Staley, Central Regional Manager
  • Brian Richardson, Hatchery Manager


MDNR Tidal Bass Program deploys structures that should improve reproductive success for Largemouth Bass in Potomac River sanctuaries.

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