The State of Maryland's Volunteer Angler Surveys

Recreational Anglers, here is your chance to participate directly in fisheries management. Help the Maryland Department of Natural Resources characterize recreational catch and harvest by submitting data from your fishing trip.

The Department relies on data from your catch to manage many species. The surveys include: Striped Bass, Brook Trout, Summer Flounder, Bluefish, Yellow Perch, Blue Crab, Smallmouth Bass, Shad and two Multispecies Surveys. Once logged in below, you can choose from the various surveys listed then just follow the quick and easy instructions.

Attention Muskie (muskellunge) fishermen! Check out the new addition to our volunteer angler survey family, if you target muskie please print off our survey form and send back to or mail in to address provided on form.

Costa Hats sitting on a table.

Prize winners are randomly drawn from those who filled out any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys, on a quarterly basis.

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The latest volunteer angler survey winners are listed below, winners are chosen randomly from all participants, currently winners received the latest hat style from ​our sponsor, Costa!

Artificial Reefs (MARI)No Submissions
Blue CrabTyler Craney
BluefishJacob McCullum
Brook TroutEmmett Kelly
FreshwaterDon Goff
Muskywill be posted in January
ShadJay Breen
Smallmouth BassCharles Eloshway
Striped BassAlex Van Pelt
Summer FlounderNo Submissions
Yellow PerchStuart Tilman