Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission

Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission

Through the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) the Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission has the duty of advising the Director of Fisheries Service on all matters referred to the commission by the Director. 

Natural Resources Article 4-204(a)(2)(I) The Commission consists of: 1. Up to 14 commercial waterman; 2. 1 member of the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission; and 3. 1 rep of the Aquaculture Industry in the State. (ii) The composition of the Commission shall reflect the geographic regions of the State where the commercial fishing industry is operating. (4) The term of a member is 2 years. The terms of members are staggered as required by the terms provided for members of the Commission on July 1, 2015.​

Maryland Sport and Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commissions Final Operating Guidelines (.pdf)

Current TFAC Commissioners Members

Billy Rice - Chairman, Moochie Gilmer - Vice Chairman, JD Blackwell Jr., Robert T. Brown Sr., Buddy Carson III, Rachel Dean, Russell Dize, Bill Goldsborough, Ken Jeffries Jr., Steve Lay, C. Richard Manley, John Martin, Bill Scerbo Jr., Gail Sindorf, Aubrey Vincent and Troy Wilkins

Member affiliation and email addresses are located on the TFAC Membership web page.

If you have a question regarding the Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission please please email Paul Genovese.​​​​​