Power Up Curriculum

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Energy production and use, resource conservation and environmental quality are all topics that directly affect our lives. Everyday, we live with the use of electricity and its conveniences, costs and impacts.

This curriculum examines the issues of electric power; its generation (production), transmission, usage and environmental impacts in Maryland. The final unit challenges and assists students in developing a conservation ethic concerning electricity. This curriculum has been developed for Grades 4 through 8.

The curriculum has five units:

  • What is Electricity?
  • How is Electricity Produced? Power Plants in Maryland
  • Using Electrical Energy
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Energy Conservation

These units follow a sequence, beginning with the nature of electricity and ending with developing a personal action plan. After using all the units, teachers and students will have acquired an understanding of energy production and use in Maryland. Each unit can also stand on its own. For example, a class studying Maryland might use Unit II only. Each unit contains 3 to 6 activities or tasks.

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Introduction 1.9 MB - PDF file

What is Electricity? 1.9 MB - PDF file

How is Electricity Produced? Power Plants in Maryland 2.8 MB - PDF file

Using Electrical Energy 1.1 MB - PDF file

Environmental Impacts 1 MB - PDF file

Energy Conservation 1.5 MB - PDF file

Appendix 1 MB - PDF file

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