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Maryland's Partnership for Children in Nature

“Our mission is to ensure that every child in every community experiences nature directly and develops a personal connection with our environment,” said Governor O’Malley. “These outdoor experiences build a sense of stewardship so that our children learn the principles associated with being responsible guardians of Maryland’s natural resources.” This website provides information for parents about the values of playing in the outdoors and offers ideas for both parents and children to help you get outdoors and play.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW)

BOW offers outdoor skills workshops, specifically for women 18 years of age and older, although men are welcome to participate. The workshops enable women to learn about a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities in a casual, non-threatening environment. The classes are designed to be as hands-on as possible, giving participants enough knowledge to further pursue their interests once the workshop is over. The emphasis of BOW and Beyond BOW is on the enjoyment and camaraderie that goes along with outdoor recreation, whether hunting, fishing, hiking, or boating.
Contact: Patricia Handy
Phone: 410-260-8537

Boater Safety Classes

The Maryland Natural Resources Police have taught thousands of youngsters in Maryland the basic information needed to prevent the tragedies that occur on the water. Our Water Wise Programs are designed for every age group and can be customized for your needs. The Water Wise Programs are simple, fun, take about an hour, and best of all they are free. We have designed several programs to provide basic water safety concepts which will help prevent the tragic drownings that occur every year. There is a program for every age group for pre-kindergarten through adult.

Clean Boating Resources

In order to promote environmentally responsible boating, the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative has incorporated educational materials for boaters into the Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook. Other materials-such as clean boating tip cards and oil absorbent pads–are being distributed to boaters through marinas and at public events.
Contact: Donna Morrow
Phone: 410-260-8770

Hunter Safety Education

Don't wait until hunting season to take a course! Many courses are offered in the late summer and early fall prior to the start of hunting seasons. Some courses are also offered in the spring prior to spring turkey season. Volunteer instructors schedule each course for either a weekend or several week-nights and a day during the weekend to complete. Some courses may have a fee of up to $6 to offset expenses incurred by instructors and cover use of facilities.
Contact: Natural Resource Police
Phone: 410-643-8502

Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer for Maryland Department of Natural Resources can be a rewarding experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. There are opportunities to volunteer in schools, gardens, state forests and parks, stream monitoring, fish surveys, and much more. By volunteering, you can enjoy the outdoors and make a difference in Maryland!

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