Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays

Proposed Regulations

Updates to Title 27 Regulations

The Commission is proposing the following amendments concerning growth allocation COMAR

PURPOSE: The purpose of these regulations is to create a comprehensive guide to the growth allocation project submittal, review, and approval process. The majority of the text within these regulations is copied from existing statutory and regulatory provisions that have been consolidated and reorganized.

The only substantive additions that do not already exist in the Maryland Natural Resources Article, Code of Maryland Regulations, or the Commissionís Growth Allocation Policy are a provision that confirms local enforcement authority over growth allocation projects, and a provision that requires growth allocation applications to comply with the Sustainable Growth & Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 before they can be processed for growth allocation review by the Commission.

STATUS: The proposed regulations appear in the January 10th edition of the Maryland Register.

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