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2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit

Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Restore America’s Estuaries hosted the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shoreline Summit, which explored the state of the science, policy, and practice of living shorelines in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Summit was a two-day working meeting focused on highlighting the latest advancements in living shorelines research, implementation, and policy, as well as promoting dialogue and addressing barriers to implementation. There was an energizing mix of presentations and facilitated breakout sessions designed to broaden participants’ ability to implement projects and programs more effectively.

2013 Mid-Atlantic Living Shorelines Summit Presentations

The materials in these presentations and supporting materials contain the work, data and opinions of the authors and presenters. Restore America's Estuaries, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and other partners are not responsible for any errors, nor do these materials necessarily reflect or represent their views and policies. Any and all questions regarding the materials presented should be directed to the original authors. To find a particular talk, refer to the agenda and use the last name of the presenter to find the appropriate file.

Please contact the authors for permission to use the information presented and be sure to attribute appropriately.

Day 1, December 10, 2013

8:50 AM Setting the Stage

9:10 AM Understanding Lessons from Science

1:15 PM Evolving Living Shorelines - Techniques and Performance

3:15 PM Adapting Living Shorelines - Forward Thinking

Day 2, December 11, 2013

8:30 AM Using Performance Data to Drive Change

10:15 AM Recognizing Barriers & Identifying Solutions - Programmatic Tools and Policies

12:30 PM The Business of Living Shorelines

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