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The Trust Fund Tracker shares project and budget information for the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund, one of the region's most important funding tools targeting water quality, and watershed restoration and protection projects to reduce non-point source pollution. View the annual budgets by searching by state fiscal year, and learn more about the projects funded in each funding area.  The specific project details are linked to Maryland’s Restoration Report and updates are made monthly. For comments or questions, please email or call 410.260.8753.

Fiscal Year 2014 Trust Fund Budget

  Project Lead FY 14 Special Fund Actual FY 14 Capital Fund Actual
Accountability, Verification and Management      
1. Strategic Monitoring DNR/UMD $400,000 -
2. Targeted Monitoring of Out of State Sources DNR/USGS $300,000 -
3. Implementation Tracking DoIT $200,000 -
4. Administration and Management (1.5%) DNR $414,000 -
Accelerating Restoration through Research and Development      
5. Manure to Energy Projects with Proven Technology MDA/Interagency - $2,500,000
6. Marylandís Innovative Technology Partnership UMD/DNR $750,000 -
Implementation of Local WIPs      
7. Targeted Water Quality Restoration Project Local Partners - $25,656,687

Anne Arundel County

Baltimore County

Frederick County

Howard County

Montgomery County

Prince Georgeís County

8. Urban Tree Canopy Projects Competitive Solicitation $1,000,000 $2,000,000
9.  Stream Restoration Challenge Competitive  Solicitation $5,000,000 -

Riparian Buffers for Frederick County Streams
Worcester County Public School SRFR's: Stream Restoration and Forest Revitalization
M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks Stream Reforestation Project
Washington County Board of Education Riparian Buffers
Talbot County Stream Forest Enhancement
The City of Frederick Stream Restoration and Educational Projects
Restoring Streamside Buffers within the Muddy Branch Watershed
with ESOL Students and Conservation Corps
Engaging Underserved Youth to Expand the Riparian Buffer
Students Restoring Urban Streams (SRUS)
College Creek Forest Buffer Restoration
Living Classroom and Stewards Trail for Sudlersville Middle School
Lake Claire Feeder Streams Restoration
Howard Community College Middle Stream Restoration Project
Midshore Rivers Environmental Education Program: Stream Forest Enhancement
Kennard School Planting
Atlantic White Cedar Wetland Nursery Program
Frederick County Buffer Planting
AACPS Stream Restoration Project
Central Maryland Forest Buffer Initiative
The Alliance and Interfaith Partnership for the Bay Tree Planting Program
Copps Branch Stream Restoration
Students Branching Out: Howard County Stream Challenge Phase 2
RESTORE Wicomico: Restoring streams, Educating Students, Treeing Our River's Edge
Chestertown Community Park Tree Planting
Koolhof Earth Stream Restoration Project
Sharptown Community Planting
Great Mills High School Stormwater Retrofit
Allegany County 2014 Tree Planting (Phase II SRC)
Coastal Bays Tree Planting Initiative
Baltimore Area Conservation and Educational Projects

Implementation of the Stateís WIP      
10.  Maryland’s Cover Crops Program MDA $10,000,000 -
11.  Grants to Farmers (Nutrient Mngt Regulations) MDA $2,000,000 -
12.  Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Incentive MDA $500,000 -
13.  Manure Transport MDA $500,000 -
14.  Natural Filters on State Lands (Leadership by Example) DNR $6,336,000 $6,343,313
Implementation Technical Assistance      
15. Agricultural Technical Assistance MDA $2,600,000 -
16.  Stormwater Permit Expediters MDE $750,000 -
17.  Field Restoration Specialists DNR $750,000 -
FUND SOURCE SUB TOTAL   $31,500,000 $36,500,000

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